It may be a cliché to say that mothers always put everyone else’s needs before their own, but it is generally true.  We just can’t help ourselves!  Even for Mother’s Day, we often end up doing the grocery shopping so the kids can make us breakfast in bed!  This year, make sure it really is a day off and a day celebrating you.

mercury_vase_1_mediumTo ensure the day’s success, you may need to actually tell your family what you want to do.  It may be fun to imagine being surprised or that your loved ones will plan a fabulous day for you, but is that realistic for your family?   Of course they love you and want you to have a wonderful day, but do they really know what would make your day?  Do you want breakfast in bed or a fabulous brunch at that restaurant with the view?  Do you want a bouquet of flowers delivered or would you rather take a walk through a botanical garden?  Maybe you just want to stay in with a cup of tea and a good book.

Once your family has some ideas for the day, make sure the planning does not fall on you.  Specifically delegate if you must!  Gently (or not so gently) suggest that they decide who will make the restaurant reservations, check the timing for the show you want to see or do the grocery shopping.  Some suggestions might be in order for the grocery list (champagne, maybe?), but generally your family should be able to take care of it themselves.  Then, let the details fall on the family.
luxurious white and gray beddingHowever, it doesn’t hurt to ensure a wonderful gift that you know you’ll love.  Stop by the store and pick up a little something for yourself.   A new side table for those ubiquitous flowers or some new bedding for the best mom to snuggle right in! (to enjoy a well-deserved nap!). Personally I have my eye on the new BINARIO lace bedding by Dea of Italy duvet cover and shams….