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About Us

California at Home with Liz Lamont - the best of California lifestyle for your home

Since its inception in 1992, Room at the Beach has created a style of living that forms the base of its collections. The color palette takes cues from the natural beauty of the California coast. The classic California look is rooted in the ease of a comfortable and low-key lifestyle.

The store and design studio offer the best of timeless, well -proportioned upholstered and handmade furniture as well as crisp and well-designed linens. Room at the Beach offers its clients nearly 20 years of experience with choosing the right gift or accessory for their homes. Tables are set with dinner plates and glasses that create the perfect look for the California lifestyle.

Owner Elizabeth Lamont, along with her staff of talented designers, has been helping clients, from celebrities and locals to people all around the country, to create that perfect combination of classic, relaxed living.

Room at the Beach is so much more than a room. It is a store that encompasses the entire concept of home, from total interior design to the smallest accessory –all to bring a fresh California look to its clients.


Elizabeth Lamont

Elizabeth Lamont, owner of Room at the Beach Elizabeth Lamont is a self-made retail entrepreneur, interior designer and owner of the extraordinary store Room at the Beach located in Malibu, California. Her branding of the California lifestyle at home concept helps people bring out the best in themselves by making their homes a beautiful place to be. Her message is “Surround yourself with Beauty and you will see the world in beauty.”

Elizabeth is also a guest blogger at and was featured at Liza America's Host's 2011 Social Intimacy & Social Media: Why Face Time Is Still Key, which was held at Elizabeth's store. In October Elizabeth was chosen as one of eHow's "100 Women That Make a Shift" along with the likes of Diane von Furstenberg, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Bethenny Frankel.