Bedding Care 101

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How often should you change your pillows and bed linens?

Recently Dr. Oz reviewed Kathie Lee’s pillow on the Today Show, and the findings were pretty disturbing. Did you know that the reason pillows get softer over time is because of the bacteria buildup? In fact, it’s the droppings from the dust mites that make it soft… I know, eww!
So how often does Dr. Oz recommend that you change your pillows? The answer: every two years.
Here’s the full video where he explains exactly what goes on inside your pillows

We recommend pillow covers for the longevity as well. They will protect against makeup and body oils, preserving a clean surface on your pillows.

Sheets & Linens
Generally it’s recommended that you wash you sheets once week using warm water. (If your sheets have delicate embroidery check the label first). Hot water can make the fibers shrink and fade color so stick with warm water and turn your pillow cases inside out to preserve colors. Personally I prefer white sheets, nothing says relaxation to me like crisp, white linens! In addition you can easily bleach them if you should get a stain and they’ll look brand new. Use an oxygen based bleach that will be gentle on the fabric. Tumble dry the linens on low and remove them before they are completely dry to minimize wrinkles. Then take the extra time to iron them, it’s so worth it!

I like keeping my linen closet neat and organized so it’s a pleasure to take out a clean set. Line your cabinet with tissue paper that will keep your linens from yellowing. Fold all linens neatly and store sets in linen bags (one of the best inventions ever!). You’ll never have to search for a missing pillow case again and your linens will stay fresh longer.